KMUTNB Deans Explores Academic Collaborations in Tokyo

On 1 December 2023, the delegation from KMUTNB comprising Asst. Prof. Dr. Suphot Chunwiphat, Dean of Graduate College, Asst.Prof.Dr.Dr.-Ing.Sunantha Sodsee, Faculty of Information Technology and Digital Innovation, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pianpool Kamoljitprapa, undertook a visit to Tokyo City University (TCU). During this visit, they engaged in a productive meeting with Prof. Chitoshi Miki, President of TCU, and Prof. Taguchi Akira, Director of the International Center. The primary agenda was to explore and discuss potential areas for initiating academic collaborations between the two institutions. Furthermore, on 3 December 2023, the KMUTNB delegates took the opportunity to meet the KMUTNB students who were participating in the Sakura Exchange Program in Science 2023. This program aims to foster international cooperation and academic exchange between students from different cultures and academic backgrounds. Continuing their exploration of cooperative initiatives, on 4 December 2023, they visited the Institute of Innovative Research at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and toured a cutting-edge laboratory focused on zero-carbon energy. The team of KMUTNB deans was warmly welcomed by Prof. Hiroshige Kikura and Prof. Hideharu Takahashi. They discussed and exchange ideas on the potential area for of academic collaborations between the two universities.

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