Greetings from ICC

  Educational Institution has expanded tremendously since the establishment of Thai-German Technical School' under the collaboration of Thailand and German government in 1959. By the December 21st, 2011, once again King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) has fulfilled the promise of raising the services of education by introducing the International Cooperation Centre (ICC) as a new segment to cater the demands of International Affairs. Commencement of ICC will surely open the gates of prosperity for all the stakeholders of KMUTNB including students, professors and other faculty of the institution. After all, cooperation with worldwide universities and other organizations will help us to keep-up with the pace of rapidly flourishing world.

  Even after continuously progressing for more than 55 years, ICC has various other goals that are still to be accomplished. Amongst whom launching of ASEAN Community' by 2015 is at a priority list of KMUTNB and ICC. The benefits of ASEAN Community' will not be limited upon the education sector alone, but also it will definitely have a drastic impact upon economic, cultural, and individual lifestyle of the community too. Whereas, ICC will be responsible for developing international cooperation of ASEAN Community' that will ultimately lead to enhancement of superior quality services.

  Although we have adopted new names, but we still maintain the quality and outstanding cooperating with various organizations. Therefore, we tend to keep up to new heights of success. We appreciate your grateful support.