International Collaboration

A Key to Internationalization & To Build a Worldwide Academic Network and Bridges for an Effective Cooperation

KMUTNB strives to internationalize its academic strategy and advance its research efforts to meet global connection of effective. We actively pursues international contact with overseas institutes, universities and private company for cooperative activities including student personal and exporter exchange, collaborative training programs and organizing international academic conferences, workshops or seminars.                                            

At present, KMUTNB has memorandum of understanding (MoU) and cooperative agreements, as well as other types of academic cooperation in process of decision making between KMUTNB and negotiating partner with more than 50 outstanding institutes, universities and company in worldwide. As an example, consider the following list below shows the KMUTNB’s international collaborating partner by continent:


We are also an active and a visible member of Global University Network such as "The Asian-European Academic University Partnership Network: ASEA-UNINET" or "University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific: UMAP" etc.