KMUTNB Students Embark on Internship Journey to Taiwan's Renown PCB Manufacturer

Four students from the Faculty of Applied Science and two from the Faculty of Engineering, KMUTNB, have undertaken internship in Taiwan. Departing on 2 May 2024, they will immerse themselves in a two-month internship program at ZDT Group, the world's largest PCB manufacturer. This internship presents a remarkable opportunity for KMUTNB students to gain insights into the PCB industry, enrich their cultural perspectives, and cultivate invaluable international experience. 

ZDT Group, renowned for its expertise in design, research, manufacturing, and sales, operates across China, India, and Taiwan, serving clients worldwide with a comprehensive range of PCB products and services. For over decades, KMUTNB has been committed to fostering collaborations with industry partners in order to provide its students with unparalleled opportunities for hands-on experience and professional networking. Through this internship, participants will not only broaden their perspectives on the PCB sector but also expand their professional experiences, which will benefit their future careers in this field.

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