"English for Your Future: Better You" Program Empowers KMUTNB Supporting Staff in Effective English Communication

International Cooperation Centre under the Office of the President launched the "English for Your Future: Better You" Program during 20 – 21 July 2023 with an aim to enhance the English communication skills of supporting staff from various faculties and institutes, which will be a step toward fostering the globally competitive and skilled workforce. The program is designed to empower participants to confidently interact with foreigners and contribute to KMUTNB's mission of global engagement and collaboration. 

The program’s instructor was Mr. Natdanai Subin, an educator from Mahidol University. His lessons allowed participants to develop the effective English communication skills. The program was also joined by international exchange students from IAESTE internship programme who are doing an internship at College of Industrial Technology. They helped to provide a chance for cross-cultural learning. They were Ms. Zainab TOUNKARA, Ms. Claude NYATCHA TEMGOUA, Ms. Elvyre BARCLAIS, Mr. Hugo CINCIONE, and Mr. Samy Abdel-Razzak NACER.

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