KMUTNB Students Immerse in Taiwanese Culture at MCUT Language & Culture Camp

From July 3 to 12 July 2023, three representatives of the KMUTNB students participated in the MCUT Language & Culture Camp organized by Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT), Taiwan. The program provided a platform for the participant to enjoy learning Mandarin culture, visiting iconic landmarks in Northern Taiwan, and gain insights into the educational and research facilities of MCUT.

The KMUTNB students gained transformative experience through the cultural exploration and educational engagement provided by the program. They had the opportunity to not only deepen their understanding of Taiwanese customs, traditions, and language but also build meaningful connections with peers from around the world.

The three selected students who represented KMUTNB in this enriching experience were:

Mr. Narangsi Changadvej from the Faculty of Business and Industrial Development.

Ms. Sirapa Sangna from the Faculty of Engineering.

Mr. Krichpetch Sintanakul from the Faculty of Information Technology and Digital Information.

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